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The following five photographs have come into my possession from a family member who has no idea where they came from or who they might feature. They may or may not be of the same family. As you can see they have been VERY poorly treated and are very fragile. They were probably from the Lincolnshire area but we have no idea when they might have been taken. Can anyone detect any clues from the dress or hairstyles etc. that might give us some ideas?

I would be very grateful if you could let me know! Sheila.

No clues about this. It has obviously been kept in an album - somewhere very damp. Could it have been my great-grandmother Alice Marsh (b1889)?

This one is printed on a small postcard. Is the younger child a boy or a girl? Could it have been my grandmother (b1913) and her brother?

The next three photographs are each mounted on small cards 4'' x 2''. This one has the photographer's name A.U. Endacott, Lynchford Road, Farnboro', Hants. Does the uniform give anything away? This has now been confirmed as William Marsh (b1880) who served in the Boer War and World War 1 in the Lincolnshire Regiment. Why was he being photographed in Farnboro'?

This one has the photographer's name A. T. Osbourne, 1 Norman Place, Lincoln who was at that address in 1885 but had gone by 1889. It looks as though there is a reference number on the film which appears on the fur rug. Recent family discussion suggests that it may have been Alice Bruce (b1863) before her marriage in 1887 to Fred Cooper.

No ideas about this. Does the hairstyle give any clues?

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